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YEAR END SMASH Pickleball 2022 @ West Zone

Updated: May 4, 2023

25 - 27 Nov 2022

Another successful tournament in the book!

Congratulation to all our winners!

Day 1 - Seniors Men's and Women's Shootout (Intermediate and Advanced Division)

Seniors Women's Doubles Intermediate Champion - Yenni Yap 1st runner-up - Lee Lu Boon 2nd runner-up - Karen Lau and Jackie Liew

Seniors Women's Doubles Advanced Champion - Poh Beng Bee 1st runner-up - Roslyn Tan 2nd runner-up - Jacqueline Wong and Law Siew Kim

Seniors Men's Doubles Intermediate Champion - Patrick Chu 1st runner-up - Raymond Yeo 2nd runner-up - Kyser Kuan and Jerry See

Seniors Men's Doubles Advanced Champion - Derrick Koh 1st runner-up - Jasen Tham 2nd runner-up - Johnston Teo and Roger Ho

Day 2 - Men’s and Women’s Novice Doubles

Women's Novice Doubles

Champion - Eileen Chua and Toh Siew Ngor 1st runner-up - Yann Zhi Sin and Lo Pay Jyue 2nd runner-up - June Kim and Lily Selamat

Men's Novice Doubles

Champion - Lai Choo Foh and Wee Hong Shen 1st runner-up - Lee Wai Wan and Terence Key 2nd runner-up - Mark Koh and Johnson Rajaratnam

Team Challenge (Intermediate)

Champion - TM8S 2nd place - SICC Team 1 3rd place - Kampong Kembangan CC 4th place - Team Multinational

Day 3 - Team Challenge (Advanced)

Champion - Bukit Gombak Hotshots 2nd place - Tres Mates 88 3rd place - SICC Team 4th place - Bukit Gombak Coolshots

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