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Bukit Gombak CSN @ Pesta Sukan 2022

After a year break due to the pandemic, we are back in full force! We are so glad that this year's Pesta Sukan national championship was opened to mass participation with spectators! The atmosphere was invigorating with teammates and friends cheering for each other. Congratulations to all the winners, and thank you for the many exciting and thrilling tie-breaker matches.

This year, 3 teams represented Bukit Batok CSN in the tournament, HotShots, CoolPALS and CoolShots. For our young teams who are playing together for the first-time, they played very well with many impressive wins. Our teams had so much fun practicing together and supporting each other through-out the event, making our wins even sweeter.

We are proud to present our medal standing for Bukit Gombak CSN:-


Champion - Bukit Gombak CSN HotShots

2nd runner-up - Bukit Gombak CSN CoolPALS


Women's Singles

OPEN Champion - Pini Lee

OPEN 1st runner-up - Michelle Lim

Women's Doubles

OPEN Advanced Champion - Pini Lee & Varsha Majmudar

OPEN Advanced 1st runner-up - Amanda Teo & Lauren Ling

OPEN Intermediate 2nd runner-up - Jolene Tan & (Lim Jia Hui)

Men's Doubles

OPEN Advanced Champion - Pua Chee Seng & Ping Boon Chia

MASTERS Advanced Champion - Jasen Tham & (Toh Lian Tai)

Mixed Doubles

OPEN Advanced Champion - Ping Boon Chia & Pini Lee

OPEN 2nd runner-up - Darryl Kwok & Amanda Teo

OPEN Intermediate Champion - Jasper Tan & Jolene Tan

MASTERS Advanced 1st runner-up - Jasen Tham & Cao XiaoJu

Thank you Bukit Gombak CSN and ActiveSG Bukit Gombak team for your support! See you next year.


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