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Grow Pickleball is an initiative to develop interest in the sport, reaching out and share this fun game with others of all ages.   

Be part of the growing pickleball community, let's play Pickleball!

Corporate Initiatives

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The best way to cultivate interest is to let one experience the fun - the game sells itself.   We have supported numerous Community Sports Events by offering "Learn to Play" sessions, a reach-out program to introduce the sport.

Sport Interest Groups

Through our Sport Interest Groups, we encourage and support our community to gather like-minded people to meet-up regularly to exercise and enjoy the games.


Tournaments create avenues for sportsmen and sportswomen to bond and interact through camaraderie, encouraging higher standards of play through competitions, cultivating greater interest in sports.

Corporate Initiatives

Play as a team, Grow as a team

We create bonds and build stronger teams through the sport.  Cultivate a culture of exercising in the workplace through our Corporate Initiatives.

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