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Bukit Gombak CSN's first overseas pickleball tournament

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

On Sunday April 10th, at Hillview Community Club, we had Bukit Gombak CSN's first overseas pickleball tournament flag handover ceremony.

From her busy and hectic schedule, we have the privilege and honour to have our Chua Chu Kang GRC MP, Ms Low Yen Ling, Minister of State, Advisor for Bukit Gombak GROs, to grace this special occasion.

Ms Low handed over the Bukit Gombak flag to Jimmy and Michelle, who represented Bukit Gombak in this first edition of Asia Pickleball Open (APO). Each player were presented with his/her tee shirt by Ms Low and she even took time to autograph on our paddles.

Three well heeded advices from Ms Low on that day:

" Enjoy yourselves.

" Do your best...and most importantly,

" Look out for each other in a foreign land.

Our team has achieved all the above and more. Many new friends were made during the five days of competition. The Australian team voted the Singapore team as the most sporting and easy to get along with. Good rapport were established with our friends from Thailand, India and friends from USA and Europe.

The Singapore team won a total of 26 medals, 9 Gold, 11 Silver and 6 Bronze.

A special congratulation to Pini Lee, who won the Triple Crown of 3 gold medals; in the 50+ Open Singles, 50+ Women Doubles with her partner Alison and 50+ Mixed Doubles with Yeo Jih-Shian.

We are so proud of you.

Well done to our amazing golden girls, the 50+ ladies ( Xiao Ju, Elaine, Poh Choo, Vivien, Alice, and Felicia), who took Gold, Silver, and Bronze in the 50+ ladies doubles event.

It's so encouraging to see our younger team members, who performed beyond their years. The way they handled match pressure, and at times, rowdy opposition supporters. The way these young guns conducted themselves, their attitude towards the game, their display of sportsmanship must be applauded. The future of Singapore pickleball is looking bright. By the way, the outstanding Singapore team tee shirt was designed by Amanda.

A big thank you to our Thai hosts, Kun Pae and Aun (Thai Pickleball Association), and the tournament director Jan Papi (Pickleball Global). Their relentless effort in making this competition a success, is much appreciated by the Singapore players.

The 36 members of team Singapore and supporters were a joy to travel with. Always finding ways to have fun, sampling the tasty local seafood, exploring the sights, and immersing themselves on the sandy shores of Phuket. Our chosen accommodation of Thanyapura Phuket Sports and Health Resort is an oasis for people who want an active holiday destination to rebalance and recharge their lifestyles.

To top off the trip, the Singapore contingent, much to their surprise, found a welcome home party waiting for them when they landed at 11:30pm outside the Changi Airport terminal, with banner and songs... What a wonderful way to bring this most enjoyable trip to a closure.

Stay actively healthy. Stay safe.

Author - John Ng


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