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Pini, Varsha and Hari win in Bainbridge Cup 2022

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

The yellow brick road journey keeps getting better for our Singapore pickleball players.

It's only one week ago that Pini and Varsha took part in the Singapore Year End Smash @ West Zone 2022, as

part of the six-member team that won Gold in the Advanced division. The other Bukit Gombak Hotshots teammates are Boon Chia, Chee Seng, Jasen, and Mun Teng.

Pini and Varsha, together with their teammate, Hari, managed to achieve some outstanding results in the Bainbridge Cup, in Mumbai, India.

- Hari and Varsha won Gold in the 50+ Open mixed doubles.

- Pini won Bronze in the 19+ Open mixed doubles, partnering Aditya, from India.

- Pini won Gold in the women's 50+ Open singles.

- Hari won Silver in the men's 50+ Open singles.

- Pini and Varsha won Bronze in the women's 19+ Open doubles.

- Hari won Bronze in men's 50+ Open doubles, partnering Ajeet, from India.

- Pini and Varsha won Silver in Team Challenge with Team United.

Hari is the " quiet achiever " in the Singapore pickleball scene, quietly going about his business, collecting medals of different colors over the years. A true gentleman on and off the court.

Congratulations also to Varsha for obtaining the PPR ( Professional Pickleball Registry ) coaching certificate in the US. PPR is the Official Education and Certification Partner of USA Pickleball. Each certification workshop is delivered by highly- trained clinicians responsible for creating an effective learning environment for all coaches. As a result, PPR certification goes beyond just a qualified pickleball instructor, but an exceptional one.....good work, Varsha.

Editor: John Ng


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