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  1. To create an opportunity for the pickleball community to come together and learn from each other.  It is also for the residents to enhance the neighbourly ties within the estate while they meetup regularly to exercise and stay active.

  2. To introduce this sport to residents in Choa Chu Kang.  The team aims to form local pickleball interest groups, supported by the local communities e.g. Residents' Committee, to organise regular sessions to promote and sustain interest in the game. This will also encourage community interactions and better use of the sporting facilities provided in the neighbourhood to encourage a healthy lifestyle.


  1. Prevention and containment of COVID-19 is the top concern.  All players and participants shall abide to advisory on COVID-19 safe measures.

  2. The Organisers shall not in any event be held liable for any injury or loss as a result of the player’s participation in the event. 

  3. All players are advised to have personal accident insurance cover.


Lively Places Challenge 2021 comprises of TWO key events:-


1.   PICKLEBALL SKILL EXCHANGE – 21 Mar 2021 (Sun), 9am-12pm

This event is for pickleball players with the fundamental pickleball skills, able to sustains a short rally and familiar with court positions for double play (minimum 2.0 skill level).  It will consist of actual match play and rule quiz to test players understanding of the pickleball rules.

Total 32 players for this event.  All players will be divided into 4 courts :-

  • Skill level 4.0 and above

  • Skill level 3.5 - 3.99

  • Skill level 3.0 - 3.49

  • Skill level 2.0 - 2.99


2.   PICKLEBALL CLINIC – 28 Mar 2021 (Sun), 9am-11am

Three pickleball clinics will be held at two locations for beginner and intermediate players.   

  • TWO sessions of Level 1 for beginners (1 hour each session)

  • ONE session of Level 2 for intermediate players (2 hours session)

SKILL EXCHANGE - 21 MAR 2021 (SUN), 9am to 12pm

  1. All players must register online.

  2. Matches will be played in these 4 outdoor badminton courts:-

    • Choa Chu Kang Central HDB Blk 205

    • Choa Chu Kang Central HDB Blk 223

    • Choa Chu Kang Central HDB Blk 233

    • Choa Chu Kang Central HDB Blk 236

    • Standby court Jalan Teck Whye Blk 159

  3. This event is open to all pickleball players of different age groups and skill levels.  Total of 32 participants, divided into 4 groups, only allow 8 players in each court.

  4. Organiser will divide the players according to their skill level, and will inform players their grouping and court location prior to game day.

  5. Players are expected to partner and play within the same grouping of 8.  Once play commence, players are not allowed to switch grouping.  No intermingling among groups is allowed.

  6. Round robin format, each player plays against every other player in his or her group.  Each player will get to play minimum of 3 games.

  7. Quiz - Every player will be given a chance to answer at least one quiz question.The quiz is to test players’ understanding on the pickleball rules.  $10 voucher will be awarded to player with correct answer.

PICKLEBALL CLINIC - 28 MAR 2021 (SUN), 9am to 11am







Who can attend?

  1. Level 1 for Beginners – Anyone who wants to learn a new sport, if you play a little racket sports will be an advantage.  Suitable for players 10 years or above. 

  2. Level 2 for Intermediate players – For pickleball players seeking to improve your mechanics and shot techniques and improve your level of play. 

  3. Priority will be given to residents of Choa Chu Kang.


For more information, please read the Player's Handbook.  

For further enquiry, please email to

CCK Lively Places Player's Handbook




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