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Fun for the whole family!

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Jurong Spring Pickleball Challenge 2022

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Parent-Child (18 yo and under) Pickleball Activities


Bond with your child through learning a new sport.  This “Learn and Play” clinic is the essential first step to getting new players to play the game.  


Participants will be equipped with the know-how of the game, where to play, and friends to play with.  It also creates the opportunity for players to know their neighbours.   


Date: 15 Jan 2022, 3-9pm

Venue: Outdoor badminton courts at Blk 521, 523 and 517E Jurong West Street 52.

To register, email


Learn and Play Clinic

Duration : 1 hour


Register as Parent-Child team, this one hour clinic will orient you with the game's fundamentals, strategy, scoring, and teach you how to play smart pickleball. Whether you've never played the game or are a relatively new player, this clinic is for you.

  • 2 pairs of Parent-Child teams per clinic

  • Child must be 18 years old or under

  • Total 16 clinics, 1 hour per session.

  • Clinic are divided into Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced skill level.

  • Lessons will be conducted in outdoor courts.

  • Participation pack for each team.


Mini - Challenge

Duration : 30 min

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Put what you learn from the clinic to the test.  Immediately after completing the clinic, the teams will play a standard 15 point pickleball match.  The winning team will be awarded a prize.

  • Parent-Child team competition

  • 1 match (15 points) will determine the winner

  • Winner will be awarded gift voucher.


  1. Prevention and containment of COVID-19 is the top concern.  All players and participants shall abide to advisory on COVID-19 safe measures.

  2. The Organisers shall not in any event be held liable for any injury or loss as a result of the player’s participation in the event. 

  3. All players are advised to have personal accident insurance cover.

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